Monday, November 9, 2009

Summer Cleanup Totals

The Summer (July and August) Beach Cleanup totals are in!

While items such as glass, plastic, and styrofoam are sometimes too numerous to count, it seems that you all, like me, loooove to count those cigarette butts! In July and August almost 9,000 butts were collected and counted. Adopt a Beach members Isabel Pelham and Brenda Miller has been saving the butts she picked up...take a look! All of these butts were picked up between Mariposa Point and Linda Lane along the beach, beach trail, and street. Thanks Brenda & Isabel!

Thanks to the following teams!:

Beach Master
Hodson Family
Joe Zoller Team
Miller/Wood Family
Jefferson Family
Our Savior Lutheran Church (one-time event)
Lemley Family
Lausens Boardrider Club
Citro Family
Chapman Family
SC Sunrise Rotary Club (shown on right)
Team Fun