Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monthly Updates for April and May

Thought I'd kick things off for this post with a GREAT shot of the Lasuens Boardrider Club sent in by Team Captain Bo Burick. Looks like a fun group don't you think? Along with the Weller family, they are committed to keeping section #14 looking good.

Now, for the fun stuff - I have finished compiling all the data so you can see our collective accomplishments for the past two months. WOW WOW WOW! For the first time ever in the history of this program every single section of the beach/trail (all 22 sections!)has been cleaned. And if that weren't amazing enough, each section has been cleaned at least three times each month. If we keep this up we will have our beaches upgraded from a C to a B class rating for sure. You guys are unbelievable. Especially the Beach Master...

The Beach Master (Mark "Awesome" Aubrey) is a one person team who deserves special recognition for the work that he is doing. Although his "official" adopted area is section #21 (along with Jack and Ryan Baker and the Eads and Others teams), he frequently walks the entire length of the beach trail cleaning and meticulously recording data as he goes. It is largely due to his efforts that we can report consistent clean up coverage for ALL 22 Sections. I think you will all agree with me, after viewing the monthly summary reports that there is no upgrade required - The Beach Master is already a "Class A" adopter! Next time you are out at the beach and notice a long haired, deeply tanned man walking the beach/trail with a bag of "collectibles", a handful of data collection sheets, and a big smile on his face chances are it's the BeachMaster himself! Be sure to walk over and say hello.

Great Team Effort - Great Work
Litter is such a huge issue. It is common to feel overwhelmed and wonder just how much of a difference our efforts really make. Keep at it anyway. Every plastic bag bottle cap, silicon bait bit, piece of balloon, cigarette butt that you pick up is one vote for a beautiful clean environment and one less hazard to marine life. Collectively it all adds up. Picture this - last month your combined efforts removed 43 buckets and 68 bags of trash from our beaches and trails. Thanks to you, over 1,811 pieces of plastic, 906 straws, 872 balloons, 3,175 cigarette butts, and well over 1,947 pieces of Styrofoam were removed from San Clemente beaches/trail and kept out of the ocean. And that is just from one month of reported activity!

Summary Reports for April and May
As you can imagine, there is a lot of data coming in to me from the various teams so it takes a significant chunk of time to interpret, calculate and compile it. I get data sheets from different sources (faxed, email attachment, US mail and even hand delivered at events and WSTF meetings) so although I do my best to make sure that I have all the info represented it is possible that I may have missed a data sheet or two. If, after viewing the reports, you feel that is the case - just let me know and we will make the adjustments.

Also, please note that an absence of activity by a team name does not necessarily mean that the team is "slacking". Some of these teams are recent sign ups and are just starting to get into the routine. June data sheets are already coming in for many of them.

Click on the links below to see our adopt a beach progress for the past 2 months!

Monthly update for April

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