Thursday, November 27, 2008

Over the River and Through the Woods...

In just a few hours I will be packing up my pumpkin pies and heading off to enjoy the day breaking bread and giving thanks with friends and family.

But first, here's a quick shout out/Happy Thanksgiving to my Adopt a Beach family with a link to a website you might enjoy:
Food for thought - and calorie free!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

October Trick or Treat?

Compared to the activity of the summer months, October was a frightfully slow period for the Adopt a Beach program.

There were so few data sheets coming in that I began to suspect that both my fax machine and PC were bewitched.

I tried to keep my spirits up, but was beginning to doubt that there was even a ghost of a chance that I would be reporting good numbers this month.

But then, like magic the data sheets started coming in. Not many - just 6 teams - a mere skeleton crew from the 48 teams listed on the Adopt a Beach roster. did we do? Did our 6 month winning streak finally come to an end? Or can we now claim 7 straight months of keeping all 22 sections of beach/trail clean? Click on the link below to find out. But first - let's raise a glass of apple cider and toast the six teams who gave us a spooktacular first rate effort this month:

Joe Zoller & Friends
San Clemente Green
Headrick Family
Weller Family
Eads & Others
Beach Master

To see the Summary report, click on the link below.

What a Welcome Treat!
The St. Johns Youth Group - team name F.I.S.H. (Friends in Serving Him) - have decided to lend their considerable energy and enthusiasm to our cause. The leader of the group is an impressive young lady by the name of Caili McDaniel.

Caili and her team selected Section 8 - Volley Ball Court to Marine Safety (north side) as their adopted beach/trail. Youth taking leadership roles and actively working to preserve the environment - it makes my heart sing.

Our Blog Cover Model - Rupert the Pumpkin
Before I forget - I want to be sure and give credit to Rupert - our quirky cover model - and Steve Polatnick -the genius who discovered him. I invite you to check out Steve's website at

That's the scoop for October. I hope to see more teams out there doing their part in November. It's a great way to stay in shape during the holidays. More beach walking/clean up activity translates to an extra slice of pumpkin pie at the dinner table. So if the idea of racking up the good Karma doesn't motivate you, maybe your sweet tooth will. (wink/wink - big smile)