Sunday, January 31, 2010

Youth Groups help Adopt-a-Beach after Big Storms hit San Clemente

On Sunday, January 24, two different San Clemente youth groups came together with Adopt-a-Beach to clean up the beaches around the San Clemente pier after last week's series of 5 pacific storms left San Clemente beaches full of trash. The groups met at Linda Lane park because we'd had reports that this area was especially bad due to the construction materials that had been ripped off the pier by big waves. However, upon arrival, it became clear that because the City's subcontractors had cleared the area of the construction debris, their help was needed between Marine Safety and T-Street, which was covered in tiny styrofoam bits and all those other pieces of trash that Adopt-a-Beach team members are very familiar with! This cleanup was organized by Planning Commissioner Brenda Miller and Rose Velasquez from OC Human Relations and included 23 San Clemente kids from the Mary Erickson Tutoring Center and the San Clemente Presbyterian Church Hispanic youth groups. Also participating were Mike Dobbles, Isobel Pelham, Brenda Miller, Rose Velasquez, and Colleen, Jake, and Adam Canfield.

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